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Attracting Abundance as a Master Manifester with Iain Grae - EP 48

As a Master Manifester, you have the power to attract abundance OR scarcity, depending on the thoughts you perpetuate. Ergo, gaining clarity around what you want and achieving a higher level of consciousness is key in inviting prosperity into your life.

Iain Grae is the founder of Evolved Lyfe, a platform designed to raise the collective consciousness and help high-achievers, entrepreneurs and leaders effortlessly create wealth while making a larger impact in the world. A serial entrepreneur, Iain’s first major success came in 2002 with Innovation Ads, a marketing agency he grew from zero to 150 employees in three years. Iain is also the bestselling author of 10 Principles that Brought Me Millions and the owner of San Antonio Raceway & Cycle Ranch. He is passionate about sharing his understanding of human potential and helping others experience the phenomenon of Heaven on Earth.

Today, Iain joins Emerald to explain how his capacity as a Master Manifester perpetuated both scarcity and abundance in his life, depending on his level of consciousness at the time. He walks us through his journey from victim to what calls the Flourishing Zone, a place where he is happy and thriving. Iain discusses how he overcame survival thinking and the culture of busyness though a mindfulness practice that helped him identify actions with impact. Listen in for Iain’s insight around the be-do-have-give theory of abundance and learn how to view your emotions as a gift.

What You Will Learn

How Iain learned he could be the master of his own destiny

The difficult period when Iain’s self-worth took a hit

How Iain went from poverty to millionaire in under 3 years

The clarity necessary when you are a Master Manifester

The different stages of consciousness Iain has experienced

Why Iain documented the principles that created his success

How Iain overcame survival thinking around ‘doing more’

Iain’s ‘where are my hands’ strategy to return to the present

How depression helped Iain reconnect with himself

Iain’s be-do-have-give philosophy of attracting abundance

Iain’s insight around how our emotions can be gifts

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