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Trust Your Inner Voice & Take the Next Step—with Glenn Lobas - EP 163

Is your inner voice calling you toward your purpose—but you’re not taking action? Are the ‘what ifs’ stopping you from taking the next step? If a fear of failure is what’s holding you back, it’s time to take the word out of your vocabulary and recognize that every learning experience is part of the journey. So, how do you learn to trust that inner voice and do something TODAY to change your course?

Glenn Lobas is a serial entrepreneur and international shipping consultant—and our new host Ian’s dad! He studied International Marketing and Logistics in college and worked his way up to Import Manager at an international shipping company while studying to become a Licensed Customs Broker. In 1987, he founded his own global air freight company, Ian International. Since then, Glenn has founded a total of three international shipping companies and currently serves as President of Customs & Trade Logistics.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Glenn joins Ian to discuss his first experiences with entrepreneurship, explaining what inspired him to start his first business at age 14 and describing the sense of freedom and belonging he got from making his own way. Glenn shares his approach to parenting, offering insight into why he allowed Ian to make mistakes and responded without judgement when things didn’t go as planned. Listen in for Glenn’s advice on trusting the inner voice that points you toward your purpose and learn how to overcome the ‘what ifs’ and take the next step on YOUR journey!

What You Will Learn

How starting his own business (at age 14!) gave Glenn purpose after his mother passed away

The sense of freedom and belonging Glenn got from making his own way as an entrepreneur

How to trust the inner voice that points you toward your purpose

Glenn’s insight on overcoming the ‘what ifs’ to take the next step on your journey

Why Glenn doesn’t believe in failure because experiences move you forward

How taking over his dad’s welding business reignited Glenn’s taste for entrepreneurship

Glenn’s balanced approach to parenting

  • Allow kids to make mistakes

  • Respond without judgement

How to respond to your kids’ mistakes with purpose vs. being fueled by emotion

How Glenn learned the consequences of not holding up your end of an agreement

Glenn’s experience working as a short-order cook at Bob’s Big Boy to pay for college

The value in every life experience, no matter how painful or ugly

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