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Connecting with Your Internal Compass—with Finn Thormeier - EP 95

Many of us are so worried about making the RIGHT choice that we don’t take action at all. But what if you trusted your instincts and simply committed to making A choice? What if you followed your internal compass, knowing that you can change course at any time? What if you stopped going through the motions of what you’re ‘supposed to do’ and started trusting your gut?

Finn Thormeier is the CEO and Personal Brand Strategist at Project 33, a startup that helps time-poor founders build a powerful online presence that generates new business. In 2017, Finn dropped out of college and flew to New York without a plan, documenting the journey on social media. In the process, he built an engaged audience of 35K followers on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Finn’s social presence generates an average of 1.2M impressions per month, and 1M-plus people have seen his videos and articles on LinkedIn.

Today, Finn joins Emerald to share the moment of clarity that got him into DOING mode. He explains how his knack for personal branding led him to become an accidental entrepreneur, using his talents and skills to help others. Finn also describes his approach to decision-making, discussing why we should worry less about making the right or wrong choice and simply make A choice—and then course correct as necessary. Listen in to understand how documenting his journey inspired Finn to create video content and learn how his internal compass guided him to Bali!

What You Will Learn

Finn’s decision to drop out of college and move to NYC

The moment that inspired Finn to get into DOING mode

How Finn’s knack for personal branding led to Project 33

Finn’s process of making powerful choices

  • Use talents and skills to help people

  • Do what feels right

Finn’s ongoing work to trust his gut + see where it leads

How documenting his experience inspires Finn to create

Finn’s current work to systemize content creation

Why Finn is motivated by learning from his peers

The benefits of living in Bali for digital nomads like Finn

Finn’s constant struggle with learning to prioritize

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