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Passion, Patience & the Pressure to Build Something Great with Evan Holladay- EP 35

With great power comes great responsibility. If you’re leading a $40M real estate development, there’s a lot riding on your ability to meet deadlines, get approval from powerful people, and secure investors for the project. So, how do you manage the pressure of all that weight on your shoulders? How do you stay calm through the ups and downs, developing the passion and the patience to build something great?

Evan Holladay is a commercial real estate developer, investor and podcast host. He serves as the Development Director for LDG Development where he sources workforce affordable housing in major metropolitan areas, and Evan did over $100M in new construction development in the past year. His show, the Monumental Podcast, explores mindset and motivation with BIG thinkers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are shaping the future.

Today, Evan joins Emerald to explain how he was called to serve through real estate and the way a development can positively impact a community. He describes the passion and patience required to build something great, the role of a strong vision in staying committed to a project, and the value in celebrating the wins as they come. Evan shares his commitment to sustainability and the environment, discussing his involvement with the Kentucky Waterways Alliance. Listen in for Evan’s insight on coping with pressure and responsibility through intentional goal-setting and a daily meditation practice.

What You Will Learn

How Evan was called to serve through real estate development

How a development can purposefully impact a community

The passion and patience required to build something great

The role of vision in staying committed to a project

How Evan leverages intentional goal-setting to navigate challenges

How meditation is a game-changer for Evan in dealing with stress

Evan’s decision to stay in action and move forward with his podcast

How Evan celebrates wins with impromptu dancing in the kitchen

Evan’s advice around sharing celebrations with other people

Evan’s commitment to sustainability and the environment

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