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The 5 Key Ingredients of Leading a Movement with Eiji Morishita- EP 54

Activism is on the rise, and you may be called to do your part and join—or perhaps lead—a movement that you are passionate about. But what, exactly, makes a movement successful? How do you gain the courage to follow the call? And how do you learn to speak with spiritual authority so that people will listen?

Eiji Morishita is the founder of Movement Makers, an organization that seeks to empower leaders in starting meaningful movements that impact millions of lives. He is passionate about igniting souls to ‘step into their calling and share their wisdom without apology.’ A catalyst for several movements himself, Eiji was an integral part of the spread of the Sushi Movement in North America and an effort to build schools in Guatemala. His genius lies in creating fun, easy and purposeful businesses.

Today, Eiji joins Emerald to explain why he is drawn to movement makers who focus on social impact. He shares the value in trusting the call, even if your vision is not perfect the first time out. Eiji also offers his take on the rise of activism as a societal trend, explaining why making the change is more important than getting credit for leading a particular movement. Listen in to understand the role of faith in creating a movement and learn the five key ingredients of becoming a movement maker!

What You Will Learn

Eiji’s insight on the resistance you may feel toward your calling

Eiji’s pull toward leaders who focus on social impact

How to follow the call despite having an imperfect vision

Eiji’s role as a Generator who waits to respond, rides the wave

How to recognize and answer the call each time it comes up

Eiji’s take on the rise of activism as the #1 societal trend

The importance of personal development in starting a movement

How to ‘do your part’ by tying in to a larger, global movement

Why making the change is more important than getting credit

Why freeing yourself up financially is Step One in leading a movement

The five key ingredients of a movement

  1. Vision

  2. Message

  3. Systems

  4. Leadership

  5. Spiritual development

The three crucial components of demonstrating faith

  1. Positive expectancy

  2. Grateful in advance

  3. Express joy in actions

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