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The Indiana Jones Approach to Life and Business with Wet Shave Leader Douglas Smythe- EP 19

Updated: May 10

How would you like to turn your life into an Indiana Jones film? Douglas Smythe embodies that spirit, answering every call and opening the door to everyone who knocks. In fact, the idea for his business was born from living in a hammock at the edge of the rain forest in Central America! Curious how he went from enduring sand flea bites to leading the Traditional Wet Shaving Revival?

Douglas is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Shaving, a product line with a creative approach to male grooming and all things traditional shaving. He is also the co-host of the popular morning show, I’d Lather Be Shaving, and the organizer of The Big Shave, an annual festival that features artisans, vendors and online personalities in the wet shaving scene.

Today, Douglas joins Emerald to share his ‘Indiana Jones’ approach to life and how living in a hammock on the beach in Costa Rica inspired his business. He offers insight around his experiences in theatre, music, yoga and macrobiotic cooking, explaining how those pursuits inform his confidence as well as his product line. Listen in for Douglas’ advice on growing a business built around your passions and putting yourself out there—every time.

What You Will Learn

How Douglas invented Itch No Más living on a beach in Central America

How Douglas’ business evolved to become Phoenix Shaving

Douglas’ advice around growing a business that combines your passions

How Douglas’ background in stage craft facilitates his fearlessness

The benefits of traditional wet shaving

How Douglas’ experience with holistic practices inform his business

How using Phoenix Shaving’s Daily Driver benefits the skin

The concept of the ‘pink tax’

Douglas’ drive to initiate events like The Big Shave

How Douglas is inspired by his work

Douglas’ Indiana Jones approach to life and work

  • ‘Put yourself out there every time’

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