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Celebrating 100 Episodes of Connection & Healing—with Doug Sandler & Lou Diamond - EP 100

As a medium, podcasting is a good way to connect with potential clients and grow a business. But it may surprise you to learn that hosting a podcast can also benefit you in terms of defining your zone of genius, building relationships that heal your spirit, and shaping your next creative endeavors. The Men on Purpose Podcast was born out of a desire to connect with men who are living their purpose both for themselves and for others, and 100 episodes later, Emerald is celebrating the men who have been a part of her healing journey thus far!

Doug Sandler and Lou Diamond are two of the ‘Baby Daddies’ of this podcast. Doug is Emerald’s pod-coach (and first guest on her show), and in addition to being featured on Episode 17, Lou serves as the voice of the Men on Purpose Podcast. Both also have podcasts of their own: Doug leads The Nice Guys on Business podcast, and Lou is the host of Thrive LOUD. Both of these purposeful men use podcasting as a service to their thriving businesses, Doug’s online media consulting firm, Turnkey Podcast, and Lou’s coaching and consulting practice, Thrive.

Today, Doug and Lou join Emerald to celebrate the 100th episode of the Men on Purpose Podcast. Doug explains how podcasting serves as a networking platform, and Lou shares his take on being the voice of Men on Purpose. They discuss how podcasting can help you define your zone of genius, live your purpose on a daily basis, and shape your message moving forward. Listen in to understand how podcasting has been a healing journey for Emerald and learn the value of making the intentional choice to celebrate!

What You Will Learn

How Doug’s podcast became a networking platform

Lou’s take on being the voice of Men on Purpose

Emerald’s clear mission to highlight magnificent men

How finding his zone of genius made things click for Doug

How Lou’s podcast shapes his message moving forward

How podcasting has been a healing journey for Emerald

How Lou celebrated his 100th episode with past guests

Doug’s insight on celebrating your community every day

The value in making the intentional choice to celebrate

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