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Doug Sandler: How to Reinvent Your Career and Finish First—as a Nice Guy - EP 2

Updated: May 10

‘I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m going to get there with enthusiasm!’

The path to success is almost never a straight line. In fact, Doug Sandler describes his route as a ‘jumbled mess.’ Doug enjoyed a 30-year career as a deejay, playing at 2500-plus functions. But when his financial planner advised that he be prepared for the next step, Doug realized that he needed a career reinvention. So at 47, he got himself a coach and shifted gears to pursue public speaking. From there, Doug took advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves: He wrote a book, Nice Guys Finish First, and created a podcast, The Nice Guys on Business.

The podcast took off when Doug and his co-host realized that their audience was asking questions about the podcasting process. They shifted their focus to provide the content their listeners craved, and their corollary business, Turnkey Podcast, was born. Turnkey helps podcasters in any stage of the process, with a special focus on how to monetize a show. Today Doug joins Emerald to share his definition of ‘finishing first.’ He explains the tenacity it took to start a new career and the organic way that his entrepreneurial venture took shape. Doug discusses the details of Turnkey Podcast, revealing the impetus behind the business as well as the products and services they provide. Listen in for Doug’s insight on staying humble as you celebrate success and learning to make a career out of being a nice guy!

What You Will Learn

Doug’s insight on what it means to finish first

How Doug discovered the purpose of his podcast

The fear that motivated Doug to reinvent his career

The organic nature of Doug’s path to success

  • Making a career of being you

  • Open to new possibilities

Why Doug engages project coaches for support and guidance

The impetus for creating Turnkey Podcast

The products and services provided by Turnkey Podcast

How Doug helps clients monetize their podcasts

How Doug’s audience grew from 20K to 1M

Doug’s approach to finding guests for his podcast

Doug’s advice around staying humble as you celebrate success

Why Doug urges you to fall in love

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The Nice Guys on Business Podcast


Nice Guys Finish First by Doug Sandler

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