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Getting Aligned with Your True Self with Devin Galaudet - EP 67

What keeps a Man on Purpose moving forward on the path to his calling, despite a feeling that he may not be good enough? For Devin Galaudet, it was a deep sense that he was out of alignment with his true self. Every time he pushed aside the story he was writing, he felt the shame of not just making a mistake—but being a mistake. And he knew he had to see the project through, whatever the outcome.

Devin is the Editor-in-Chief of In the Know Traveler, an online travel magazine dedicated to international travel and cultural exchange. A travel writer with 14 years of experience, Devin has visited 85 countries, and his work has appeared in Huffington Post, TravelAge West, and the Citron Review, among many other publications. Devin’s memoir, 10,000 Miles with My Dead Father’s Ashes, hit bookshelves in September 2018.

Today, Devin joins Emerald to share his path to becoming a published author, discussing the creative writing class that taught him to ‘keep digging’ despite the negative voices that said he wasn’t good enough. He explains how recognizing the pain of being out of alignment with himself kept him pushing forward and how the writing community helped him recommit to his calling again and again. Listen in for Devin’s insight on moving out of reaction mode into conscious creation of the life you want—and learn to celebrate your successes by being present in them!

What You Will Learn

How a creative writing class taught Devin to ‘keep digging’

How Devin moved forward despite the negative voices

Devin’s recognition that he had to write to be in alignment

Devin’s need to be in service to others in a community

The impetus for Devin’s memoir about his father’s ashes

How Devin shifted from reaction mode to conscious creation

Devin’s goal to remarry his wife 100 times in 100 countries

How Devin celebrates his successes by being present in them

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