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Igniting the Divine Masculine Energy in YOU—with Devin Fredericksen - EP 102

As boys, we’re taught to ‘man up.’ To deny our feelings. To disconnect from ourselves. And as a result, we get caught up in trying to prove our strength. But what if that’s misguided? What if our true power lies in serving as a steady, unwavering influence—no matter what challenges come our way? What if we could shed the societal model of toxic masculinity and instead cultivate the divine masculine energy in each of us?

Devin Fredericksen is a mentor and community-builder dedicated to helping people reconnect with themselves, each other and Mother Earth. An expert the realm of sacred connection and conscious intimacy, he travels the world igniting the divine masculine in all of us and working to unite a global brotherhood. Devin is also an ecstatic chef, regenerative farmer and permaculture specialist, reminding us to live in harmony with ourselves and the Earth Mother.

Today, Devin joins Emerald to share his commitment to bring back traditional ancestral rites of passage and regenerate masculine energy everywhere. He explains how a personal commitment to growth in combination with his inner knowing serve as the source of his courage. Devin also offers insight around using breath work to express self-love and developing a willingness to speak the truth. Listen in to understand the value of gathering with other men and learn how foster your divine masculine energy for the benefit of all!

What You Will Learn

How a rugby injury led Devin to discover yoga + meditation

Devin’s cosmic date with a New Rainbow Warrior Circle

Devin’s aim to regenerate the sacred masculine everywhere

How Devin leverages his inner knowing to source courage

Why we don’t have to prove our strength as men

The value in being able to receive anger without wavering

How Devin uses breath work to express self-love + soothe

Why it’s crucial to speak the truth and express concerns

Devin’s take on the significance of gathering with other men

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