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Dennis Langlais: Creating Possibilities with the Relentless Pursuit of Innovation - EP 3

Updated: May 10

We live in a world that teaches us to fall in line, to choose the safe, conservative route over being a disruptor. But playing it safe doesn’t facilitate global change. In fact, innovation comes from making trouble and seeing the possibilities in doing things a new way. How, then, do you develop the courage to break through barriers? To risk the isolation that comes with an intense commitment to transformation?

A true maverick, Dennis Langlais began his career as a professional BMX Freestyle rider, performing and competing at venues all over the world. He went on to create Perfection on Wheels, a BMX stunt team that did produced events in 10,000 locations worldwide. Dennis recently founded Codie Dog Interactive and the FIVE Minute Bark podcast with the intention of helping grassroots entrepreneurs increase their visibility and achieve next-level peak performance through the relentless pursuit of purpose.

Dennis also has a company doing BMX school assemblies called BMX Freestylers “Dream Team”. This BMX school assembly program uses BMX stunt riders to educate the students with messages like anti-bullying, drug awareness and more. Why Dream Team? Many of the riders on our team have seen the assembly as kids and one day dreamed of being a part of the team. All the reasons why this program is worth sharing.

Today Dennis joins Emerald to share his take on what a Man on Purpose looks like, discussing his approach to reinventing industries and the qualities necessary to facilitate global transformation. He offers insight around giving yourself permission to be a disruptor, attracting a loyal tribe, and choosing to break through barriers rather than fall in line. He explains how four-year-old Dennis was inspired by the Red Sox and how the relentless pursuit of his goals has driven him ever since. Listen and learn why it’s okay—necessary, even—to back off and go play a round of golf when you hit a wall.

What You Will Learn

Dennis’ insight on what it takes to facilitate global change

How Dennis innovates to create new possibilities in established industries

Dennis’ advice around being a disruptor

  • Breaking through barriers comes at a cost

  • Embrace polarity to attract your tribe

Why Dennis chooses breaking the rules over ‘nice’

Dennis’ crosswalk metaphor for innovation

The story of four-year-old Dennis’ desire to achieve big things

How Dennis leverages an intense level of commitment to reach his goals

The necessity of backing off when your health starts to suffer

Dennis’ commitment to helping grassroots entrepreneurs increase their visibility

Dennis’ simple approach to celebrating success

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