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How to Unsubscribe from Anxiety—with David Stone - EP 152

We live in a world that trains us to worry. The problem is, when we focus on what we’re afraid of, we attract the very things we fear most into our lives. So, what can we do to replace these destructive mental habits like anxiety and self-doubt with something much more positive and productive?

David Stone is the transformational speaker and change agent behind I-FEARLESS, a platform dedicated to helping people overcome the worry and self-doubt that keep us from achieving our highest potential. He is on a mission to help 10M people overcome anxiety through his books, online courses, workshops and keynote presentations. David is also the author of Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt Out of the Myth That Worry is Required and Take Charge of Your Own Life Now.

On this episode of the podcast, David joins Emerald to discuss how we manage to attract the things we fear most, explaining how he worried himself into homelessness and what he did to take responsibility for the situation. He weighs in on how we’re trained to worry by the world around us, describing how to replace anxiety and self-doubt with PURPOSE. Listen in for David’s insight on the relationship between celebration and gratitude—and learn his top strategies for living an anxiety-free life!

What You Will Learn

How David worried himself into homelessness in 2009

What David did to change his attitude toward challenges

The two factors that attract the things we fear most

  1. Reticular Activating System

  2. Law of Attraction

How taking 100% responsibility gives us the power to change our situation

How we’re trained, from birth, to worry

David’s transition from marketing consultant to entrepreneur

The creation process David used to write his book

How to replace worry and anxiety with PURPOSE

David’s mission to inspire 10M people to be anxiety-free

The relationship between celebration and gratitude

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Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt Out of the Myth That Worry is Required and Live Your Own Life Now by David A. Stone


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