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Harnessing Peace in a Chaotic World—with David Adelson - EP 156

How do we cultivate calm in a chaotic world? David Adelson contends that as the world shifts to a quantum realm, we can channel its vibrational flavors to bring the qualities of peace and harmony into our lives, shift the energy around us, and effortlessly cocreate the life we want.

David Adelson is the lifelong healer and meditation teacher behind Peace and Harmony, a company dedicated to bringing serenity, hope and transformation into the world. He has developed more than 500 unique Personal Energy Signature Enhancers, including audio and video recordings, photography and artwork, all designed to help people move with ease from a place of sadness, struggle or frustration to one of good health, prosperity and joy.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, David joins Emerald to discuss the challenge we face to cultivate calm in a chaotic world. He explains the distinction between Newtonian and quantum physics, describing how we can harness the world’s shift to a quantum reality to change the energy around us. Listen in to understand why David is ‘not allowed’ to have goals and learn how to cocreate your life simply by knowing what you want!

What You Will Learn

The challenge around cultivating calm in a chaotic world

How David’s programs align with the principle of least action

The distinction between Newtonian + quantum physics

How we can harness vibration flavors to change the energy around us

David’s light switch analogy for learning to perceive with new senses

Why David is ‘not allowed’ to have a goal

How cocreation operates differently in the quantum realm

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