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Accessing the Playground of Infinite Possibilities Through Coaching with Dave Kehnast- EP 36

Life is a playground of infinite possibilities, but you have to stop and ask yourself, ‘What do I really want?’

Dave Kehnast is a transformational leadership, business and life coach, logging more than 2,000 paid client hours in the past seven years. Trained by the ICF-accredited Accomplishment Coaching program, Dave’s practice focuses on the transformation of human beings through ontological coaching methodology in combination with practical spiritual awareness. He is also the host of two podcasts, Fascinating Talks and Addiction and Redemption: Awakening to Your Hero’s Journey.

Dave joins Emerald to share the story of his addiction and the ‘unconditional surrender’ that led to his recovery. He discusses his ontological approach to coaching and the work he does with clients around the elimination of limiting beliefs. Dave explains how he came to be the host of two new podcasts and describes his intention to connect with the soul in his interviews. Listen in for Dave’s insight on initiating ‘the big conversation’ and learn to ask yourself what you really want out of life!

What You Will Learn

How Dave overcame addiction to access the divine within

Dave’s take on life as a playground of infinite possibilities

How addiction stems from messages internalized in childhood

The divine intervention that led Dave to say YES to treatment

Dave’s ontological and phenomenological approach to coaching

The work Dave does with clients to eliminate limiting beliefs

How Dave was introduced to the concept of ‘the big conversation’

How the ability to choose sets us apart as human beings

What inspired Dave to pursue podcasting

Dave’s intention to connect with the soul through interviews

The value in living on the boundary of what’s comfortable

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