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Building Your Self-Worth in Service to Others with Dave Blanchard- EP 55

Men in our culture are socialized to connect money and self-worth, and Dave Blanchard was no different. He WAS his Ferrari, his Rolex, his ski lodge. But what happens if you lose it all? Who are you then?

How do you build your worth back, find purpose in the suffering and heal your soul? How do you get connected to a power greater than you and meet your true, magnificent self?

Dave is the CEO of The Og Mandino Group, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations apply positive thought processes for success and higher achievement in business and relationships. He is also the bestselling author of many books, including Today I Begin a New Life, and the creator of the Habit Finder profile, a proprietary application that measures a person’s habits of thinking. More than 100K individuals have completed the Habit Finder profile, and Dave has personally debriefed 6.5K profiles and coached over 4K clients.

Today, Dave sits down with Emerald to share his calling to bring Og Mandino’s principles to the 21st century. He describes the dark night that inspired his mission to help others, explaining how losing his proud heart helped him see what matters most. Dave also offers insight around using adversity as a resource to understand what someone else is going through and filling the void in your soul via empathy for others. Listen in to understand the value in recognizing your habits of thinking—and learn to shut off self-sabotaging dialogue and embrace your natural gifts!

What You Will Learn

Dave’s calling to bring Og Mandino’s principles to the 21st century

The dark night that inspired Dave’s mission to help others

Dave’s insight around what really matters in life

How Dave found himself by losing himself in service of others

How to build your self-worth by using adversity as a resource

How helping others feel understood fills the void in your soul

How to leverage passion-driven action to embrace your genius

What Dave’s Habit Finder reveals about your strengths/challenges

Why Dave views self-sabotaging dialogue as Enemy #1

How to shut off the noise and embrace your natural gifts

Dave’s create-celebrate process for igniting your passion daily

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Today I Begin a New Life: Og Mandino for the 21st Century

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