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Seeking Refreshment from Source—with Daniel Gomez - EP 89

Are you giving so much of yourself that it drains you? What if, rather than coming out of you, energy was channeled through you? What if you could seek refreshment from Source, utilizing all the resources available instead of trying to do it all on your own?

Daniel Gomez is the founder of Daniel Gomez Inspires, an organization dedicated to developing and strengthening businesses and individuals. A dynamic motivational speaker with 14 years of experience, Daniel is an expert in the realm of leadership development, team building, sales mastery and confidence coaching. He is also the author of the international bestseller You Were Born to Fly: Be Original, Be the Best YOU.

Today, Daniel joins Emerald to explain how God serves as his source of courage and describe how frustration and anger remind him to reconnect with Source. He speaks to the idea of the storm before the rainbow, explaining how fulfilling your purpose requires getting back up—over and over again. Daniel also discusses how being teachable has contributed to his success and why confidence is crucial to both sales and leadership. Listen in to understand Daniel’s creative process involving time alone in prayer—and learn how developing a connection with Source can provide all the ideas you need!

What You Will Learn

Daniel’s insight around the storm before the rainbow

Why you keep getting up to fulfill your true purpose

How God serves as Daniel’s source of courage

How frustration alerts Daniel when he’s off course

How ego and pride get in the way of asking for help

Why we attract more negativity when we force or push

Why Daniel attributes his success to being teachable

The role confidence plays in leadership and sales

Daniel’s creative process of prayer + writing things down

The discipline it took for Daniel to write his book

How Daniel celebrates success by acknowledging Source

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