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Marketing with a Mindset of Service with Dan Moyle- EP 31

Updated: May 11

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. If you can develop a mindset of service and seek to help others reach their goals, we all get better together. What does it look like to live those values and cultivate servant leadership? Is there a way to approach marketing with a mindset of service?

Dan Moyle, a self-proclaimed Inbound Marketing Evangelist, serves as the CMO at Interview Valet, a marketing and advertising firm that supports business owners, authors and entrepreneurs in growing their influence via podcast interviews. Dan’s philosophy is that it’s more impactful to reach 50 ideal clients as opposed to 5,000 passive viewers, and he believes that engaging, relevant content is the best way to build a community of loyal customers. Dan is also a believer in servant leadership, volunteering his time with Honor Flight, Habitat for Humanity, and Cat Nap Lodge kitten rescue, among many other organizations.

Today, Dan joins Emerald to explain how he came to understand the value of building community as a marketing strategy and his innate desire to serve. He shares his approach to making peace with imperfection and rolling with the punches as challenges arise. Dan discusses the sense of honor that affords him the courage to stand apart as well as the value in being coachable and learning from your mistakes. Listen in for Dan’s insight on serving others with a spirit of kindness and making a difference—even if it’s just for one person.

What You Will Learn

The value of building community as a marketing strategy

Dan’s innate sense of wanting to serve those around him

The idea that a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’

How bringing honor to his family name gives Dan courage

How Dan makes peace with imperfection

The significance of being coachable

How Dan is teaching his daughters to make a difference

How to roll with the punches when challenges arise

Dan’s insight on serving others with a spirit of kindness

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