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A Mission Other Than MORE with Damion Lupo- EP 33

Updated: May 11

If your self-worth is tied to your net worth, what happens if you lose it all?

Losing $20M took Damion Lupo to a very dark place, and when he asked himself, ‘What is true?’ he realized that he didn’t care for the man he had become, a man who didn’t have a mission other than MORE.

That’s when Damion’s transformation began, and he honed in on his purpose to free one million people from financial bondage, rewiring their belief systems around money and retirement planning. Today, he is a sought-after financial consultant and mentor for his online community, Transformation Nation. A serial entrepreneur, Damion has founded 40-plus businesses in the last 25 years AND created the martial art form known as Yokido. He also happens to be a bestselling author in the realm of personal finance and co-author of the book Reinvented Life, which outlines his transformation in the aftermath of losing it all.

Damion joins Emerald to share the story of how losing $20M led him to a mission other than MORE. He explains his transformation to a new level of vulnerability, authenticity and connection—with a focus on contribution rather than consumption. Damion offers his take on asking for help, discussing the strength required to open up and say, ‘I don’t know.’ Damion speaks to the difference between failing and failure, arguing that failing forward is necessary for growth. Listen in for Damion’s insight around filtering opportunities through your purpose and playing full out to live your potential!

What You Will Learn

How losing $20M resulted in an ego death for Damion

The impact of asking the question, “What is true?”

Damion’s transformation to a place of vulnerability and connection

Why asking for help is NOT a weakness

The benefit of mentors who can identify your patterns

Damion’s mission to free people from financial bondage

How a narrow focus on your purpose leads to a fulfilling life

How experiencing the energy of regret inspired Damion to play full out

The shift toward a consciousness based on trust in the creative age

How charity work keeps Damion expanding and alive

Damion’s mission to rewire people’s belief systems around retirement

The role of confidence in attaining financial freedom

The difference between failing and failure

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Reinvented Life by Damion Lupo and Christofer Ashby

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