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Cultivate Consciousness for a No-Limits Life—with Dr. Dain Heer - EP 145

The universe has miracles in store for us, but we place limits on what’s possible by trying to control the outcomes. What if you started every day by asking, “If I were truly creating my life today, if I had no limitations and lived in a world of infinite possibilities, what would I choose?”

Dr. Dain Herr is a sought-after personal development expert, speaker and author on a mission to create positive change in the world, empowering people from every culture, country, age and socioeconomic status to manifest the money, relationships and life they desire. As the cocreator of Access Consciousness, he has inspired millions of people to tap into their own abilities and knowing and create dynamic change in their lives. Dain is also the author of the new release, Return of the Gentleman: Creating Nurturing Connections by Embracing the Authentic You.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Dain joins Emerald to explain how discovering Access Consciousness prevented his suicide and how the organization has grown since he joined the team 20 years ago. He offers insight on leveraging money to change other people’s realities for the better and shares his mission to create a sustainable, living Earth for the next 10,000 years. Listen in for Dain’s approach to cultivating a trust in consciousness and following positive energy to choose what to create next.

What You Will Learn

How discovering Access Consciousness prevented Dain’s suicide

How Dain’s expansive definition of consciousness views money

The purpose of money to change people’s realities for the better

Dain’s mission around creating a sustainable, living Earth

Why everything Dain creates must be a contribution

Dain’s approach to recognizing and manifesting what’s possible

What inspired Dain to write Return of the Gentleman

How to cultivate trust in consciousness + follow positive energy

How we limit potential miracles by trying to control outcomes

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