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Experiential Learning Through Creative Content with Clinton Swaine - EP 14

Updated: May 10

Learning is most impactful when students are immersed in an experience. Yet most trainings involve a speaker clicking through a PowerPoint presentation while students sit silently in neat little rows, taking notes. Imagine how much more we might learn given the opportunity to play…

Clinton Swaine is the founder, CEO and lead trainer of Frontier Trainings, the global leader in experiential business trainings. He has created the largest curriculum of content in the industry, designing 30 courses involving 200 unique games and exercises in the areas of sales, diplomacy, negotiation, strategy, and innovation, just to name a few. Clinton is a creative guru who turns his content into theme-based experiences, and the entrepreneurs, speakers and business owners who attend are treated to settings like Ancient Egypt, a pirate ship, or a NASCAR race.

Today, Clinton joins Emerald to explain his approach to the creative process, discussing how exploring different avenues allows him to channel creativity without forcing it. He discusses his talent for combining game mechanics and education to create experiential training content as well as the evolution of his character-based teaching personas. Listen in for Clinton’s take on effective leadership through service and developing an openness to exploration and creativity.

What You Will Learn

How to choose creativity without trying to force it

Clinton’s insight on finding multiple avenues for creativity

How games work as tools to produce learning

How Clinton combines game mechanics and education

How Clinton conceived of the Frontier Training ‘faculty’

How Clinton turns training content into theme-based games

Clinton’s keys to effective leadership

  • Realize that equally human

  • Focus on serving students

  • Pay attention to logistics

Why Clinton commissioned his world leader portrait collection

How Clinton harnessed the courage to play a diverse range of characters

Clinton’s advice around being boundless and open to exploration, creativity

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