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Gamify Your Life & WIN the Day—with Christopher Cumby - EP 111

What if you approached each day as if it were a game? Would you have more fun? Would you be inspired to WIN the day?

Christopher CumbyKick A$$ Sales GameThe Success Playbook

On this episode, Christopher joins Emerald to explain how he experienced his calling as a tap on the shoulder and how working in commission sales early on brought out his fun, competitive spirit. He offers insight into how he created the Kick A$$ Sales Game and shares his commitment to helping his clients succeed. Listen in to understand Christopher’s take on how adversity and friction bring out the best in us and learn how to take one step out of your comfort zone and win YOUR day!

What You Will Learn

How Christopher experienced his calling as a tap on the shoulder

How Christopher’s introverted nature serves him in a sales role

What led Christopher to gamify sales via the Kick A$$ Sales Game

How adversity + friction bring out the best in us as we level up

Christopher’s commitment to helping his clients achieve success

How Christopher supports clients with a private network + app

How a coach helped Christopher transition to commission sales

Christopher’s insight around finding the magic inside yourself

Christopher’s advice to look at yourself in the mirror for insight

What Christopher means when he suggests we ‘win the day’

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