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Serving a Talented Refugee Workforce—with Chris Chancey - EP 131

The rhetoric around refugees reflects our growing political divide, portraying the community as either a charity case or a terrorist threat. But when Chris Chancey moved to Clarkston, Georgia, and got to know his neighbors, he learned that the refugee community was actually a motivated workforce. And he recognized an opportunity to serve that community and support the local economy.

Chris Chancey is the Founder and CEO of Amplio Recruiting, a staffing agency that matches members of the talented refugee workforce with growing companies in the construction, manufacturing and hospitality industries. Since its inception in 2014, Amplio has grown to five US cities and generated more than $7M in revenue, while placing 4K-plus refugees into full-time employment. Chris is also the coauthor of Refugee Workforce: The Economic Case for Hiring the Displaced.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Chris joins Emerald to share his mission around engaging the refugee community in an economically meaningful way. He discusses how his experience differs radically from popular media narratives around refugees and why he is committed to working with companies that care about economic growth as well as stability for the refugee community. Listen in to understand how companies are benefitting from working with Amplio and learn how putting people first can be profitable!

What You Will Learn

The opportunity Chris saw to serve the refugee community in Clarkston

How Amplio has grown beyond Atlanta to serve five cities in the US

Why Amplio focuses on construction, manufacturing and hospitality

How Chris’ experience differs from media narratives re: refugees

The 30-point scale Chris uses to decide whether to work with a company

Why it’s important to Chris to surround himself with courageous people

How Chris puts people over profit and continues to be profitable

The value in verbally processing new ideas with experienced mentors

Why Chris focuses on the economic argument for employing refugees

How Chris thinks about the anger of disenfranchised American workers

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Refugee Workforce: The Economic Case for Hiring the Displaced by Chris Chancey and Katie Gibson

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

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