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Know Your Value, Then Share Your Heart—with Chris Burns - EP 73

‘I know that I’m valuable no matter what anyone says, and I’m also willing to share my heart with people and say what I’m truly feeling.’

Chris Burns is the cofounder of Burn it Up Coaching and the host of the Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self podcast. He is on a mission to support entrepreneurs and leaders in overcoming obstacles to build better business and make a greater impact. Chris has invested more than 10,000 hours in studying communication, business and leadership, and he has shared that wisdom with audiences at 90-plus live events across the US. He is best-known for his weekly 12-hour marathon live-stream events centered around cultivating the best version of yourself.

Today, Chris joins Emerald to share the rock-bottom moment when he decided to show up as his greatest possible self. He explains what inspired him to pursue public speaking and entrepreneurship and how he found his purpose in inspiring others. Chris also offers advice around cultivating courage through volunteering, limiting your time with toxic people, and developing the discipline of getting uncomfortable. Listen in for Chris’ insight on the transformational power of one-on-one coaching and learn how knowing your worth affords you the courage to be vulnerable and share your heart!

**Emerald’s team is aware of the loss of sound quality on this episode, and we are working on a solution to bring our sound quality back up to the standard you have come to expect as listeners.

What You Will Learn

Chris’ calling to study communication, business and leadership

The low moment Chris decided to be his greatest possible self

What inspired Chris to pursue speaking and entrepreneurship

Chris’ purpose in helping others feel free, fulfilled and inspired

How to gain courage by volunteering for leadership positions

The importance of limiting your time spent with toxic people

How to develop the discipline of getting uncomfortable

How knowing your value leads to the courage to be vulnerable

The creation process behind Chris’ 12-hour live stream events

Chris’ advice on cultivating what is unique about you

Chris’ insight around the transformational power of coaching

Chris’ intention to help people who lack a clarity of purpose

Chris’ response to the argument that coaching is too expensive

The value in trusting the coaching process to learn your power

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