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Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind - with Carl Hunter - EP 144

Why is it that some people seem to succeed at achieving their dreams while others with the same skill set are “stuck?” The old programming of your mind may be the thing that is holding you back. Would you believe that you have the power to reprogram your subconscious mind? Step into Mindflavor where you will learn a new and exciting approach to self-development and expand your ability to project what you want out of life.

Carl Hunter is an artist, entrepreneur, transformation coach and subconscious mind programming expert. He is the creator of the amazing new MindPower Acceleration Technology™ called MindFlavors®. He began the self development journey early in life and at age 26 he discovered a powerful method to reprogram his own subconscious mind. This allowed him to achieve his dreams by the age of 31, of traveling the world, getting into the diamond business, and moving to the Virgin Islands where he spent many years. In early 2015, Carl discovered some ancient power secrets and using these new found ideas he invented this revolutionary technology that is freeing humanity from limited thinking.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Carl joins Emerald to discuss his personal manifestation and discovery into reprogramming the subconscious mind. He details the beginning of his career when he was working in the diamond business and continues into how he emerged into developing the technology of Mindflavors. Listen to Carl explain how using Mindflavors can transform your “old programming” and limited beliefs into manifesting the life you want.

What You Will Learn

Carl begins by discussing how he started out and his own personal journey

How the subconscious mind controls behavior and can be changed

His experiments between inner world transferring to outer world experiences

What “old programming” is and how to change it

How Mindflavor is different than other self-improvement teachings

The three processes: Mindflavors technology, Invigorate, and manually writing

How to blend mind with body

Carl’s personal challenges and successes

Using coaches and mentors

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