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Bruce Langford: Finding Clarity (and ROI) Through Mindfulness - EP 5

Updated: May 10

Corporations that implement mindfulness training have experienced increased ROI by as much as 27% due to higher productivity, decreased sick leave and reduced employee turnover. It only makes sense that when we’re calm and grounded, our performance improves. Mindfulness affords us the clarity to choose the right path and allows us to course-correct when challenges arise.

During his 14-year career in bullying prevention, Bruce Langford discovered that we often bully ourselves, engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors that erode our confidence and happiness. Bruce began to incorporate mindfulness techniques to help students in a variety of bullying situations identify their blocks and overcome the fears that were holding them back. In August of 2015, Bruce launched a podcast with the intention of sharing the value of mindfulness with a wider audience. Two years later, Mindfulness Mode is on the list of Top 35 Podcasts to Watch in 2018 as well as the iTunes Top 50 in the self-help category.

Beyond the podcast, Bruce is a Mindfulness Life Coach, helping professionals, corporate employees, entrepreneurs, team leaders and CEOs decrease their anxiety and stress through mindfulness. Today he joins Emerald to explain how he leverages the practices of meditation and journaling to achieve clarity. Bruce shares the story behind the Mindfulness Mode Podcast, discussing how reconnecting with his initial inspiration gave him courage in moments of fear and how mindfulness informed the process. He offers advice around discerning between overwhelm and fear, employing breathing and focus exercises, and using accountability partners to stay on track. Listen in for Bruce’s insight on how mindfulness relates to money and the value of mindfulness in the corporate setting.

What You Will Learn

How Bruce uses meditation and journaling to achieve clarity

The success of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast

How having a plan gave Bruce the courage to plow through moments of fear

The value in reconnecting with your original inspiration

How mindfulness allowed Bruce to adjust his timeline for the podcast launch

How Bruce discerns between overwhelm and fear

Why you should ‘listen to the fear’ and move forward anyway

How we bully ourselves when it comes to money

How Bruce’s podcast led to mindfulness coaching

The value of mindfulness in the corporate setting

  • Increase in the bottom line

  • Improved happiness of employees

How Bruce employs breathing and focus exercises in his coaching practice

Bruce’s challenges around ‘letting go’ as an entrepreneur

How Bruce leverages accountability partners to stay on track

How Bruce celebrates achievements by connecting with nature

Bruce’s advice around the art of listening to yourself and others

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