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Bridging the Business and Spiritual Worlds with Brandon Evans of 1heart - EP 52

Startup founders are known for their analytical minds and Type A personalities. It is easy to get caught in a loop of building billion-dollar companies to keep investors happy—and lose yourself in the process. The entrepreneur may even forget why they started the company in the first place! But how do we bridge the business and spiritual worlds? How do we afford founders the opportunity to create and maintain balance? How do we design a collaborative model that will fund, grow and scale startups for profit AND purpose?

Brandon Evans is the Cofounder and CEO of 1heart, an organization on a mission to foster a new generation of leaders who create from the heart, aligned to purpose—collectively elevating the consciousness of the planet as one tribe. 1heart’s first generation of companies includes 1heart Journeys, Guided leadership coaching and Superwell premium superfoods. An experienced entrepreneur himself, Brandon built two $100M companies before embarking on a spiritual journey. Today, he is passionate about helping others connect business and spiritual growth.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Brandon joins Emerald to share his experience being fired from the company he founded, explaining how investor-led goals take precedence over the needs of the entrepreneur in the venture capital model. He describes the disconnect that led to his spiritual journey—and ultimately the viral Medium article that inspired his current mission through 1heart. Brandon offers insight around the practices that support him in getting out of his head to connect to source and trust something other than his mind. Listen in to understand how Brandon is helping founders and leaders maintain balance and learn how 1heart is designing a collective approach to funding startups with a focus on profit AND purpose.

What You Will Learn

What Brandon learned from being fired from the company he founded

Why investor-led goals take precedence over founders in the VC model

The disconnect that inspired Brandon to write his viral Medium article

How Brandon serves as a bridge between business and spiritual worlds

The practices that afford Brandon clarity around his purpose

  • Daily yoga, meditation

  • Ecstatic dance, drumming

  • Quarterly plant medicine

The value in getting out of your head to connect to source

How travel allowed Brandon to kickstart his spiritual journey

1heart’s mission to help leaders create and maintain balance

Brandon’s ambition to create a new way to fund and grow startups

The joy and release of sharing milestones in celebration with others

Brandon’s advice around trusting something other than your mind

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