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Beating Addiction with Clarity of Purpose with Bradley Callow- EP 27

Updated: May 11

Today, Bradley Callow is an award-winning international speaker and catalyst for transformation. But six short years ago, he was on his knees with a gun to his head. Despite coming from a good family in one of the most affluent counties in the US, Bradley had given up his passion for entrepreneurship. Marred by depression and addiction, his life had spiraled out of control, and Bradley was facing three years in prison for handgun charges. What brought him back from such a dark place? How did he reignite his entrepreneurial spirit? How did he harness the clarity of purpose to build a business that saves families from the devastating heartache he and his family endured?

Bradley is the conscious entrepreneur behind Rich Legacy, a company founded to support high-performing families with the tools, experiences and community necessary to navigate the challenges of today’s high-stress culture. Through workshops, retreats and private coaching, Bradley’s team is committed to helping parents understand their child’s perspective and supporting kids in the development of gratitude and resilience.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Bradley sits down with Emerald to share his powerful story and describe the rock-bottom moment that gave him the clarity to enroll in the wilderness treatment program that saved his life. He discusses the childhood experiences that made him feel uncomfortable in his own skin, despite growing up with affluent, attentive parents. Bradley offers insight around his mission to cut the adolescent suicide rate in half in the next ten years and the alignment of passion and purpose that inspires him to create. Listen in for Bradley’s mentor-based approach to informed decision-making and learn how Rich Legacy’s father-and-son retreats facilitate the quality one-on-one time necessary for true connection.

What You Will Learn

How Bradley’s perseverance and grit have been both an asset and a detriment

How experiencing the depth of pain and chaos led to clarity for Bradley

The three-month wilderness treatment program that saved Bradley’s life

The childhood experiences that made Bradley feel uncomfortable in his own skin

How Bradley internalized feelings of shame in being ‘not good enough’

How helicopter parenting can undermine a child’s self-esteem

Bradley’s mission to cut the adolescent suicide rate in half in the next ten years

How the alignment of passion and purpose inspires performance

How clarity of purpose allows us to see the resources that have always been there

Why Bradley reaches out to three diverse mentors when faced with a decision

The value of quality one-on-one time with your children, spouse

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