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Face Your Dragons & Take the Leap—with Brad Axelrad - EP 87

Are you ready to face your dragons? To let go of the bullshit that’s holding you back? To take the leap and break free?

Brad Axelrad is the founder of Face Your Dragon, a platform that supports coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs in confronting their dragons and crafting a message that magnetizes clients, increasing revenue and impact. Brad has 10-plus years of experience as an event producer and strategist, coordinating more than 150 live events with influential business leaders and bestselling authors. He has been featured on NBC Nightly News, PBS, and CBC Radio, among many other media outlets. Brad is also a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders and the host of the Face Your Dragons Podcast.

Today, Brad joins Emerald to explain how his father’s death inspired him to share his voice and leave a legacy. He offers insight around the five dragons most of us face, describing how he coaches people to address those fears and take the leap. Brad also shares the life experiences that have afforded him focus and clarity, discussing his two years of sober-celibacy in Colorado as well as his recent sojourn to Costa Rica. Listen in to understand why it’s crucial to have coaches who can help you see your shadows and learn how to ‘face your shit and just leap!’

What You Will Learn

How Brad’s father’s death inspired him to share his voice

Brad’s insight on the challenge of knowing when to pivot

The 5 dragons most people face

  1. Imposter

  2. Scarcity

  3. Value

  4. Unheard

  5. Critics

The focus Brad gained during two years of sober-celibacy

How plant medicine helped Brad learn about himself

The clarity Brain gained living off-the-grid in Costa Rica

Brad’s choice to pursue the freedom of an online business

Why it’s crucial to have coaches who see your shadows

Brad’s current struggle with unraveling his codependency

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