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Put Your Purpose into Practice—with Dr. Bob Uslander - EP 104

Life is impermanent, and we have a limited amount of time to make an impact. As a former ER doctor, Bob Uslander knows that better than most, and that daily encounter with life-and-death inspired him to put his purpose to work and create his own holistic hospice care practice. Dr. Bob’s intention? To help people overcome fear, see their own inner essence, and experience the joy and beauty of life.

Dr. Bob has been practicing medicine for 25-plus years, training and working in emergency medicine until 2003, when he shifted his focus to programs designed to help the elderly and seriously ill members of the community receive holistic health care. Today, he serves as the founder and Medical Director of Integrated MD Care, a concierge practice dedicated to reducing the struggle and enhancing the quality of life for people facing the challenges of aging or terminal illness.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Dr. Bob joins Emerald to share his calling to help people move past fear to experience the joy and beauty of life. He describes how he took action around his purpose, transitioning away from emergency medicine to eventually build his own holistic hospice care practice. Dr. Bob also shares his take on the dysfunction of our current medical system and explains why it’s important to explore your options and choose end-of-life care that aligns with who you are. Listen in for insight on how to step back from intense work and recharge—and get inspired to find YOUR path and live a beautiful life!

What You Will Learn

The transformational nature of Dr. Bob’s first experience with hospice care

Dr. Bob’s purpose to help people move past fear + experience the joy of life

The moment of clarity when Dr. Bob received a message from the universe

How Dr. Bob came to build his own holistic team and palliative care practice

How recognizing the impermanence of life inspired Dr. Bob to take action

Dr. Bob’s take on the dysfunction of our current medical system

How Dr. Bob steps back to recharge from the intensity of his work

Dr. Bob’s insight around the limited time we have to make an impact

Why you should explore your options vs. accept default end-of-life care

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