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The Power of Music as Self-Care—with Bill Protzmann - EP 136

We all know that music has the power to make us feel good. But what if we got intentional about using the music we love to soothe, inspire or even heal us? What if we thought of music as a tool for improving health and growing consciousness? How could our lives be better if we made music a regular part of our self-care?

Bill Protzmann is the creator of Music Care, a for-purpose corporation that teaches practical ways music can be used for self-care. Bill holds degrees in piano performance and creative writing, and he is inspired to bring music to audiences in non-traditional ways. Bill leverages a portion of the profits from his business to bring music to veterans and the homeless population in San Diego, and he was awarded the 2014 National Council for Behavioral Health Award of Excellence.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Bill joins Emerald to discuss when he started noticing the way audiences respond to music and explain how we can use music to achieve self-actualization and transcendence. He introduces us to the power musicians have to influence people with sound, describing how music impacts our consciousness and spiritual connection. Listen in to understand how Music Care functions as a for-purpose corporation, supporting coaches, mentors, caregivers and therapists in serving their clients—and learn how you can use music to build resilience and improve your own physical and mental health.

What You Will Learn

When Bill started noticing the way audiences respond to music

How music can take us beyond coping to self-actualization

The power musicians have to influence people with sound

How music impacts our behavioral, physical and mental health

How music influences our spiritual connection + consciousness

Transcending the ‘starving artist’ archetype via collaboration

Bill’s insight on what it means to run a for-purpose corporation

How Bill serves coaches, mentors, caregivers and therapists

Bill’s commitment to help veterans + the homeless with music

How Bill celebrates with five minutes at the piano or keyboard

How Bill reconnects with our ancestors when he feels stuck

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