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Decision-Making from a Place of Clarity—with Art Giser - EP 80

When faced with an important decision, it can be difficult to let go of other people’s energy as well as our own programming and limiting beliefs. But if we want to show up as our authentic selves and make the best possible choices, clearing out the noise is step #1. From there, we can tap into intuition AND logic, making decisions from a place of clarity and pursuing our goals with whole-being permission.

Art Giser is the founder of Energetic NLP, a practice that combines neurolinguistic programming with energy work and spiritual development. He spent 11 years managing a research lab for the University of California San Francisco Medical School before transitioning to entrepreneurship. Art has more than 30 years of experience in corporate leadership and team development and a 30-year background in NLP, science, psychic development, and energetic and spiritual healing. He studied with Richard Bandler, Leslie Cameron-Bandler and Michael Lebeau, among many other NLP innovators, and Art continues to learn from a diverse group of spiritual teachers, intuitives and healers. Art leads Energetic NLP workshops in London, Paris, Brazil, Canada and the US.

Today, Art joins Emerald to explain the moment of clarity he experienced upon learning about neurolinguistic programming or NLP. He makes the distinction between the courage born of an adventurous spirit and the courage to follow a calling. Art also shares his creative process, discussing how weaving together NLP and spiritual, energetic work led to the development of Energetic NLP. Listen in for insight on the value of realizing whole-being permission and learn Art’s step-by-step process of making pivotal decisions.

What You Will Learn

Art’s journey from research scientist to conscious entrepreneur

The bolt of lightning Art felt when he learned about NLP

Art’s distinction between the two different kinds of courage

How Art knew he had to start his own NLP practice

Art’s process of making pivotal choices in his life

  • Clear other’s energy, programming out of space

  • Examine own limiting beliefs

  • Meditate to ask for guidance

  • Reach out to network of healers, energy workers

The idea of co-creating with spirit

How Art uses mind mapping to design programs and talks

How Art combines NLP with spiritual and energetic work

Art’s challenge to embrace both the cosmic and the physical

How Art celebrates accomplishments by sharing with friends

Art’s call to investigate working with your own energy system

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