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Experiencing Deep Spiritual Connectedness—with Andrew Jasko - EP 117

We all know the Biblical tenet to love your neighbor as yourself. But what if we took it a step further to experience your neighbor as yourself? This deep sense of connectedness inspires Andrew Jasko’s creative, collaborative approach to life. An approach that stems from a sense of abundance and unity as opposed to scarcity and separation.

Andrew is the creator of Life After Dogma, a coaching platform dedicated to exposing the harmful effects of indoctrination and helping people reclaim a healthy expression of spirituality, sexuality and service. Educated at Princeton Seminary, Andrew was a Christian minister and missionary until he realized that his depression and anxiety stemmed from his religious beliefs. He found healing through secular humanism and spiritual practice, and today he supports clients as a Religious Trauma Advocate and Spiritual Transition Coach.

On this episode, Andrew joins Emerald to share the painful loss of identity he suffered as his Christian faith unraveled and the powerful spiritual awakening that followed. He explains his philosophy around the connection among all things, discussing how to use medicine work, meditation and breathing techniques to experience this sense of unity for yourself. Andrew also weighs in on the dangerous narcissistic ideology of survival and success that drives our world and offers advice on finding a sense of joy in the creative process. Listen in for Andrew’s insight around the ‘hard work’ that is suffocating our souls and learn how to extract yourself from dogma by embracing the healing path.

What You Will Learn

What inspired Andrew to pursue work as a religious trauma advocate

The painful loss of identity Andrew experienced as his faith unraveled

The powerful spiritual awakening that reconnected Andrew to nature

How breathwork and meditation can inspire an experience of unity

The danger around feeling cut off from the source of life

Andrew’s unique take on experiencing your neighbor as yourself

The narcissistic ideology of survival and success that drives our world

Andrew’s advice into finding your sense of joy in the creative process

Why Andrew believes that ‘hard work’ is suffocating our souls

How to extract yourself from dogma by embracing the healing path

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