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Achieving SEAMLESS Work-Life Balance with Allen Vaysberg - EP 60

Men on Purpose who are driven to achieve sometimes neglect their own health and wellness. We know the value of eating well, getting enough sleep, staying active and managing stress—but how do you consistently follow through on realizing those behaviors as busy adults? Is there a SEAMLESS Method for achieving work-life balance?

Recalibration Expert Allen Vaysberg is a Senior Professional in Human Resources and Certified Corporate Wellness Expert who facilitates the transition from unfulfilled and stressed to doing what you love and being at peace. A sought-after speaker on life purpose, career change and work-life balance, Allen is the creator of the SEAMLESS Method and the bestselling author of The New Love Triangle: Your Practical Guide to a Love-Filled Life.

Today, Allen sits down with Emerald to discuss the freedom he felt after aligning with his essence and saying YES to his calling. He explains how he overcame laziness to go from dreamer to talker to doer, balancing what feels right in the moment with the hard work of planning and action. Allen also shares his approach to staying committed by focusing on others and his take on coaching as a way to amplify your abilities. Listen in to understand the eight elements of Allen’s SEAMLESS Method for achieving wellness and learn how his Love Triangle framework serves as a practical guide to work-life balance.

What You Will Learn

The inner voice that inspired Allen to say YES to his calling

The freedom Allen felt once he aligned with his essence

How Allen overcame his laziness to go from dreamer to doer

How to balance what feels right with planning and action

Allen’s take on creativity as energy in a spiritual environment

How Allen stays committed by focusing on inspiring others

The eight elements of Allen’s SEAMLESS Method

  1. Sleep

  2. Eat/drink

  3. Active

  4. Meditation

  5. Love

  6. Expansion/growth

  7. Stress management

  8. Sunshine/fresh air

Allen’s framework for loving yourself, others and your day

How Allen’s book serves as a guide to work-life balance

How Allen leverages coaching to amplify his intuitive abilities

How Allen’s book and trainings have changed people’s lives

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