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Teaching Ethics, Business, and the Boardroom-with Alexander Lowry - EP 143

What does being ethical mean to you in your personal life or professionally? Do you see things happening in your job that you protest or just ignore all together? How do you confront something unethical in your job without the risk of losing it? Truth be told, there are things happening in businesses that would be described as unethical. When presented with that, can you just stand there or would you do something about it? Maybe something inside of you calls you to take action.

Alexander Lowry is a professor of finance at Gordon College where he leads the school’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program. He followed his calling to develop a program at Gordon College that teaches ethics in business. He’s a board member for fintech and financial services companies as well as host of the Boardroom Bound podcast, a show dedicated to developing the next generation directors. He is a frequent speaker for business leader events, corporate events, and academic conferences.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Emerald is joined with Alexander Lowry where they discuss his “calling” to start a program related to ethics in business at Gordon College. They explore his courage in saying “yes” to his calling after several “no’s” presented themselves. Alexander shares how he prioritizes his life and gives some insight on the perks of being a board member. He gives his insight on his belief that, “You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.”

What You Will Learn

Alexander Lowry’s path from management consulting to JP Morgan to academia

His calling to develop a program at Gordon College focusing on ethics in business

His observations of unethical practices that led him to teach

How his calling came through and what sparked the courage to say “yes”

How his podcast started at Gordon and what you can find on it

His passion for being a board member and what it means to be on a board

Challenges and prioritizing

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