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Alex Iglecia: Leveraging the Mind-Body Connection to Identify Your Global Contribution - EP 4

Updated: May 10

Alex Iglecia is a NASA engineer turned mind-body expert with a long history of resisting his own global contribution. His diverse background includes a stint as a marketing and design consultant and an entrepreneurial venture teaching hand-to-hand combat. But it was during his time as a personal trainer that Alex began to understand his passion for understanding the relationship between the body and the mind, and how we can use that connection to improve our lives. Alex pursued a master’s in Conscious Evolution, and now his is on a mission to help leaders and creators discover and embody their own global contribution, reaching new levels in their business and personal lives.

Today Alex joins Emerald to share his story, explaining his initial resistance to his global contribution and how he found the courage to put it out into the world. He speaks to the yes/no responses we all experience in our bodies, discussing the universality of the phenomenon as well as the differences in how individuals express the yes/no response. Alex offers his take on cultural conditioning, describing how to find the truth in your YES response and use it to choose your path. Learn Alex’s unique take on the impact you’re already making and how to ‘relax and leverage’ your global contribution. Listen in to understand the necessity of learning your own agenda before you engage with a coach and how to apply the mind-body connection in developing a morning ritual.

What You Will Learn

How exploring the mind-body connection led Alex to identify his global contribution

How to recognize your body’s yes/no responses

The universality of our yes/no responses

The differences in how people express the yes/no response

Alex’s take on overcoming cultural conditioning

  • Explore the essence of your ‘yes’ response

  • Look at any rule, choose if it’s true for you

Alex’s unique insight around the impact you’re already making

How we are driven by fear and achievement

Why Alex seeks mentors when working to accomplish something specific

How the Global Contribution Map allows you to engage with coaches in a different way

How leadership can leverage an awareness of global contribution in a team setting

Why Alex celebrates completion with space and champagne

Alex’s mind-body spin on the morning routine

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