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Mentoring Aspiring Minority Entrepreneurs to Plan, Build & Become with Albert J. Williams- EP 57

It takes a great deal of courage to leave a lucrative role as a corporate IT director and become an entrepreneur. And if you happen to be a member of a minority, you are likely to encounter even more negativity and judgement for taking a chance on your big vision. Where can you go to find a mentor or mastermind that will help you side step the skeptics to build and scale the business of your dreams?

Visionary entrepreneur Albert J. Williams is the President and CEO of Best Deal Private Car Service. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a fleet of 19 owner-operated cars to nearly 270 and expanded to add non-emergency medical transportation to their line of services. Today, Albert is helping young minority entrepreneurs learn to grow a business by way of his mastermind coaching venture, Plan Build Become.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Albert sits down with Emerald to explain how he evaluates opportunities and share the impetus for his new undertaking to coach aspiring minority entrepreneurs. He offers insight around the tremendous value of mentoring, describing the upward trajectory of his business once he found the right coach. He also shares his practice of self-competition to stay committed to the creative process and his focus on service to attract business—rather than having to chase it. Listen in to understand how Albert uses negativity as fuel and learn how a mastermind group can challenge you in the constructive cycle of growth and learning.

What You Will Learn

How Albert’s mother inspired him to be strong and level-headed

How Albert evaluates opportunities based on the value-add

The exponential growth of Albert’s transportation service

Albert’s new venture for aspiring minority entrepreneurs

Albert’s insight regarding the tremendous value of a mentor

How finding a coach put Albert’s business on an upward trajectory

Albert’s advice around betting on yourself

Albert’s courage to leave the corporate world for entrepreneurship

How Albert holds himself accountable through self-competition

How Albert uses negativity and judgement as fuel/energy

Why service is the first step in attracting business

How Albert’s mastermind group challenges him to grow

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