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Eliminating Gender Bias to Do Better Together—with Al Harris - EP 93

Do you believe that your workplace is a meritocracy? That men and women have the same opportunity for advancement? That gender bias doesn’t impact decision-making? Are you sure? How many women serve in positions of senior leadership?

Al Harris is an author, speaker, workshop facilitator and mentor on a mission to eliminate gender bias. As founding partner of the Chicago law firm Ungaretti & Harris, Al had extensive experience watching and evaluating women as the moved up the career ladder—and became increasingly concerned about the barriers they face in traditionally male career environments. This concern led to his current calling around promoting gender diversity, and today, he works with his wife Andie Kramer to write and present on the topic of gender equality.

Today, Al joins Emerald to share the AHA moment when he realized that his law firm was no better than his competitors in creating an unbiased, gender-neutral environment. He offers an overview of the stereotypes that permeate our society, our workplaces and our personal relationships, explaining what men can do to hold themselves accountable for gender bias. Al also makes the distinction between thinking fast and slow and addresses the value in making career-affecting decisions slowly—and in collaboration with others. Listen in to understand why men and women need to work together to eliminate bias and learn how YOU can be part of the win-win that is a gender inclusive society!

What You Will Learn

Al’s realization that his law firm had very few female leaders

Al’s research-oriented approach to creative problem-solving

The gender stereotypes and biases that permeate our society

The distinction between leadership and coaching

How men can hold themselves accountable for gender bias

  • Recognize that meritocracy = misconception

  • Collaborate on career-affecting decisions

Why thinking fast results in subjective + biased decisions

Al’s challenge getting men involved in gender inclusiveness

Why men + women need to work together to eliminate bias

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Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work by Andrea S. Kramer and Alton B. Harris

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Gender Bias Assessment

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