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Tales of a Risk-Averse Entrepreneur with AJ Wilcox of B2Linked - EP 59

How does a man with little risk tolerance turn down four job offers and start his own digital marketing agency? According to AJ Wilcox, it was a combination of expertise and faith that gave him the courage to move forward with his big idea and pursue entrepreneurship.

AJ is the founder of B2Linked, a marketing agency that specializes in account management and consulting for LinkedIn Ads. As Certified LinkedIn Partners, AJ’s team manages some the world’s largest and most sophisticated accounts. Prior to pursuing entrepreneurship in 2012, AJ spent four years honing his digital marketing skills with Big Fish Automation, Five Star Franchising and Domo, Inc.

Today, AJ joins Emerald to explain how he discovered LinkedIn ads as a viable marketing channel and how his faith helped him make the decision to pursue entrepreneurship. He describes his ‘stepping stone’ process for taking inspired action and discusses how his strengths as a natural networker help him market B2Linked. AJ also shares his simple management philosophy and his challenges around learning to delegate. Listen in for AJ’s insight on how LinkedIn ads target specific professionals and learn whether your business is a good fit for the services offered at B2Linked.

What You Will Learn

AJ’s early interest in digital marketing and SEO

How AJ discovered LinkedIn ads as a viable marketing channel

AJ’s success running the world’s largest LinkedIn ad account

How AJ leveraged prayer to decide on entrepreneurship

How expertise and faith gave AJ the courage to start a business

AJ’s process around taking inspired action to create

How AJ’s natural networking ability helped him market B2Linked

How learning to delegate transformed AJ’s company

AJ’s simple management philosophy

The circle of consultants who help AJ navigate challenges

How LinkedIn ads target specific professionals (e.g.: HR directors)

The businesses that are a good fit for AJ’s B2Linked services

How AJ celebrates milestones by investing in experiences

AJ’s advice on working for someone else while you develop skills

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