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Leveraging ‘Brain Food’ to Rehabilitate Your Life with Adam Schaeuble - EP 50

Adam Schaeuble hit rock bottom. His weight had ballooned to 327 pounds, and he was $40K in debt. He felt like a crap magnet. But after being introduced to the Law of Attraction, Adam created a Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement and read it out loud every day for five years, taking consistent action until he’d accomplished every goal he’d set for himself.

Inspired by his own transformation, Adam created a bootcamp program and helped his community in Bloomington, Indiana, lose 35K pounds! Today, Adam is taking his impact global, working to inspire 1M pounds of healthy results through his top-ranked fitness podcast, The Million Pound Mission, and his online academy and bootcamp programs.

Today, Adam joins Emerald to share the power of creating your own Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement and explain how the pursuit of personal growth helped him claim his power. He offers insight on supporting big dreams with a process for taking consistent action and making an impact rather than a buck. Listen in to understand why it’s important to pause for a moment of pride when you reach important milestones and learn how Adam leverages mentorship to learn from others and share his expertise.

What You Will Learn

How hitting rock bottom inspired Adam to overhaul his life

How Adam’s ability to connect with people informs his purpose

How Adam leveraged the Law of Attraction to choose change

The value of personal growth in learning to claim your power

How Adam created a Lifestyle Rehabilitation Statement

Why Adam backed each of his goals with an emotion

The power of word and sound in reinforcing action

The parallels between feeding your body and mind

Adam’s insight on supporting big dreams with a process

Adam’s intention to serve as a hero for the average person

How to achieve clarity by considering the impact of your actions

Adam’s strategy of finding people who’ve achieved what he wants

Adam’s strengths in mentoring people who want to lose weight

The significance of pausing to celebrate checkpoints

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The Secret Film

Unique Ability: Creating the Life You Want by Catherine Nomura, Julia Waller and Shannon Waller

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

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