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Meaning and Impact Beyond Money—with Adam Hudson - EP 118

There is no correlation between happiness and money. And yet, many entrepreneurs are driven by the never-ending pursuit of more. What if we stopped to ask ourselves what we really need to live the life we want? What if we built businesses based on meaning and impact—not just profit?

Adam Hudson is a serial entrepreneur who has bought and sold several multimillion-dollar companies in the US and Australia. He is also a sought-after Amazon expert, sharing his experience building a seven-figure business on the platform through Reliable Education, a business education program for aspiring and established Amazon sellers that has reached 10K students in 36 countries. A passionate philanthropist, Adam has funded more than 6K interest-free microloans for entrepreneurs in third-world countries and given the gift of sight to 1K Indonesians in partnership with the John Fawcett Foundation.

On this episode, Adam joins Emerald to discuss his struggle with panic attacks and anxiety, describing the turning point when he made the decision to pursue a business with meaning and impact beyond money. He shares the mission of education and liberation that drives his core business, Reliable Education, and explains how he chooses leaders to run his companies based on trust and respect. Listen in for Adam’s insight on discovering meaning in service of others and learn why he advocates for charitable experiences over simple charitable giving.

What You Will Learn

How entrepreneurship contributed to Adam’s struggle with anxiety

The turning point when Adam decided to pursue impact over money

Adam’s philanthropic work with the John Fawcett Foundation

The mission behind Adam’s core business, Reliable Education

The connection between financial stability and being your best self

How Adam maintains five seven- and eight-figure businesses

Adam’s approach to choosing leaders who share the DNA of giving

Why Adam is most passionate about his Amazon training business

The microloans Adam offers entrepreneurs in third-world countries

Why Adam’s foundation promotes charitable experiences

Adam’s insight on the futility in the never-ending pursuit of more

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