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The Courage to Call Out a Broken System with Dr. Aaron L. Smith - EP 43

How do you develop the courage to call out a broken system? Dr. Aaron L. Smith is taking on public education, leveraging his passion for workforce readiness to break the old model and prepare students for a 21st century workplace.

Aaron has 18-plus years in education, serving as a math teacher, school administrator, program director and adjunct professor. A leading STEM educator, Aaron has been honored with the WHRO Technology Administrator Award, the 2014 ING Unsung Hero Award, and the National Dropout Prevention Center’s Crystal Star Award. Under his leadership, the Denbigh High School Aviation Academy has been honored by the prestigious Society of Manufacturing Engineers and received numerous awards from the Virginia Department of Education. Aaron is also the author of Awakening Your STEM School and the founder of Workplace Readiness Solutions.

Today, Aaron sits down with Emerald to share his passion for STEM subjects and workplace readiness. He explains why the old model of education is not working and how to initiate the brave conversations necessary in moving a vision forward. Aaron discusses the importance of forging a community of stakeholders engaged in action, describing how he works side-by-side with schools to build a pipeline that facilitates student success. Listen in to understand how celebrating small wins gives you the courage to take the next step and get Aaron’s insight on taking the road less traveled!

What You Will Learn

Aaron’s passion for STEM and workplace readiness

How Aaron forges partnerships for mutual benefit

What gives Aaron the courage to fix a broken system

The need to shift away from old models in education

The importance of brave conversations in moving a vision forward

How Aaron forges a community of stakeholders engaged in action

Aaron’s insight around our calling to support one another

The value of investing in yourself or your organization

  • New level of self-awareness

  • Strong foundation built over time

How celebrating small wins helps Aaron take the next step

Aaron’s advice on taking the road less traveled to inspire others

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