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The Power of Podcasting—with Steve Olsher, Doug Sandler & Lou Diamond - EP 141

Break out the bubbly! It’s the 2nd Anniversary of the Men on Purpose Podcast! As we celebrate two years of learning from the extraordinary men who are making their mark on the world, let’s get meta and consider the power of podcasting as a medium and the potential YOU have to share your unique gifts with the world.

Steve Olsher is the creator of the New Media Summit, Editor-in-Chief at Podcast Magazine and host of Reinvention Radio. Doug Sandler is the CEO of Turnkey Podcast Productions and the cohost of The Nice Guys on Business. Lou Diamond is the CEO of Thrive LOUD and the host of the Thrive LOUD Podcast. Together, they are what Emerald considers the ‘Baby Daddies’ of the Men on Purpose Podcast, as all three played a pivotal role in bringing the show to life.

On this episode of the podcast, Steve, Doug and Lou join Emerald to celebrate the second anniversary of Men on Purpose. Steve shares his mission to help people discover, share and monetize their WHAT, explaining how podcasting allows us to serve others through our message. Doug dispels the myths around what it takes to be a podcaster and walks us through his MOM formula for developing a successful show. Listen in for Lou’s insight on the power of podcasting to connect with business opportunities and learn how podcasting might serve YOU in becoming a thought leader in your field.

What You Will Learn

Steve’s mission to help people discover, share and monetize their WHAT

Steve’s insight around the potential for growth in the podcasting space

What inspired Steve to create Podcast Magazine with a focus on the fans

Steve’s dare to embrace that you are the solution to someone’s problem

Doug’s thoughts on the myths around what it takes to be a podcaster

How Doug helps people develop their podcasts based on their goals

Doug’s Market-Offer-Message formula for developing a quality show

Doug’s Nice Guy approach to becoming a success at anything you do

Lou’s insight on the power of podcasting to connect with opportunities

How podcasting influenced Lou’s positioning and reshaped his brand

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What is Your WHAT?: Discover the One Amazing Thing You Were Born to Do by Steve Olsher

Nice Guys Finish First: Winning Customers for Life by Winning Relationships that Last by Doug Sandler

Launch Your Podcast 2-Day Intensive

Steve Olsher on Nice Guys on Business EP369

Master the Art of Connecting by Lou Diamond

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