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Step into the next level of your greatness.

You know how to create financial success for yourself.  You have made your money, but you know in your heart you haven’t really made your mark. Join me on the adventure to take yourself and your Creative Age Leadership™ beyond ordinary and move the needle all the way to legendary.

Strengthen your courage, sharpen your vision, feel supported in taking a stand for the truth. Align your compass and create a sea change in your industry or in society.  Engage in the act of power that reflects the depth of contribution you came to this life to make.  Leverage your connections, your capital, your community.

The world doesn’t need another bully. The world needs your vision. Your years of accumulated wisdom.

Your new idea. Your out of the box approach, product, mindset shift- the world needs YOUR Mark.






“Key to being able to DOUBLE my 7 figure business last year”

“[Leaders] are people too and we have our own “stuff” to go through every time we make the decision to move our life to the next level. That “stuff” which resides in our inner world can really cause things to go sideways in a big way if we don’t take the time and make the investment to explore what is holding us in patterns and behaviors that no longer serve.

True Leadership stems from the willingness to ask for help and that’s what I did myself a little more than a year ago when I reached out after hearing from Source to see if Emerald Greenforest could assist me.

Let me tell you it was one of the most powerful decisions that I have made on my journey! Working with Emerald was a “soul opening” experience – one that opened me up to step into my leadership role in a more powerful and free way. Being firmly grounded in my power was key to being able to DOUBLE My 7 Figure Business last year! If you are ready to leap fearlessly into your highest level of service and profit handsomely from following your Spiritual Path, then I recommend you speak with Emerald right away!”

Lisa Sasevich

“The Queen of Sales Conversion” & Multi-Millionaire Speaker

“I am feeling incredibly light and buoyant as I write this – thank you thank you thank you from my deepest place of gratitude & appreciation for helping me to step onto this path.  I know in my heart, I have prepared for this, and there is great peace here within me.”

Keith Simmonds


An Epic Gift for my business....

Knowing Emerald has been an epic gift for my business. She's wonderfully skilled! After one meeting with her, I become extremely clear that it was time to take action on a 9-year-waiting dream. Within 3 months, my wife and I were living in Hawaii. Magic! After a short conversation more recently, I had a miraculous conversation with a dream client who said "I'M IN!" before I had offered anything.

I'm so grateful for Emerald's ability to hone in on my authentic leadership capacities because my out-of-the-box creativity is important to me; while there are excellent mentors and coaches and consultants who I've met and worked with, Emerald stands out with x-ray vision for my true vision and proves herself again and again to be someone I can easily trust with my bigger dreams.

Alex Iglecia

Creator Global Contribution Map & Founding Visionary of Global Epic

“Amazing, Warm, Exciting, Kind and On Fire”

“I wanted to surprise you – you and I had a private session together a couple of days ago – I must tell you you are going to fall out of your chair – it was around wealth, prosperity, abundance, about what I would be open to, and would I be expansive and would I dare to move out of my own way.  Would I give back to my parents, to my ancestors to my family line, what they had given to me that no longer served me.  We did that private session just a matter of days ago and can I tell you one of the biggest deals that our company has ever experienced has fallen into our lap.  It’s a new platform that I’ve never been on before and you asked me in our session “Are you Ready?” 


“Are you REALLY Ready for everything that you desire and are you willing to move out of your own way so you can have everything that’s promised to you and step into abundance that exceeds your expectation, above what you can ask, or above what you can think.   Can I tell you this took us from 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 figures in possibility and so we’re so excited what our reality will be as a result of our action aligned with our intention.  Girlfriend – you got the goods – you opened up the door.”

Allyson Byrd

America’s Profit Accelerator – Best Selling Author, Chief Money Mover as featured in Black Enterprise

“Goes into your core like a spiritual deep sea diver”

“[Emerald’s] work is phenomenal, and for me to describe it in an email will not do it justice. But just know that she’ll go into your core like a spiritual deep sea diver, crawl through the wreckage, patch things up, and leave a crew of angels and helpers to keep you on track.

Thank you for your continuing support, I need to continue listening to voices like yours, voices for transformation.”

Nancy Marmolejo

Founder, Leadership Coach, Member Forbes Coaches Council

“I just produced my first CD”

“I came to you in a time of transition. As a Mom, Wife and Part Time Marketing Director I didn’t think I had time for myself and my passion for music. You helped me clear blockages, tap my energy, find my voice and use it!

I just produced my first CD with my band Bliss, called Seconds in a Minute. My time with your work helped me to find the creativity within myself and the strength to share it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Kristan Bishop

Co-founder, guitar and vocals – the sellout band ‘Bliss’

“So thankful for your contribution on helping me reclaim my life.”

I am so happy to have you on this journey with me. I am announcing the Healing Hearts from Child Abuse Indiegogo Campaign! While one’s journey through life is never ‘done’ I am so thankful for your contribution on helping me reclaim my life. This is an exciting and equally nervous time on my journey for Healing Hearts. Please help me by spreading the word of my Indiegogo campaign. I am forever grateful for your support on this critical journey.




Susan Jacobi

CEO and Founder of Healing Hearts from Child Abuse

“I spoke the truth I needed to speak…and there was no dread”

“I just wanted to tell you that today I sent an email and spoke the truth I needed to speak.

I feel like I did with grace and sincerity….and there was no dread. I feel like this could be an energy shift for this person, and for me.

Thank you, thank you for your guidance and your connected energy!”





Emily Webber

Founder & CEO at Married With Romance

“Released a lifetime of holding back my voice … I have a voice of my own!”

“Meeting with you last week was transformational for me.  When you held my hand and had me use my voice with you it released a lifetime of holding back my voice.  The sounds that came from deep within did not even feel like they were of this earth. Today, I feel like a new woman, powerful, strong and I have a voice of my own! Thank you for helping me feel empowered.”



Lisa Schermerhorn

Award-Winning Speaker, CEO at Lisa Schermerhorn Coaching

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