Lectures and lengthy powerpoint presentations don’t create momentum, energy, or real change. When you are looking to not just “fill the space,” but you want to truly elevate the perspectives and open the minds & hearts of your event attendees – then Emerald Greenforest is for you.

Her multi sensory, experiential presentations are engaging, entertaining, and enlightening, activating the Creative Age Leaders™ in your audience and inspiring lasting transformation.

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“As a former broadcaster (suit) for the broadcast “arm” of Meredith Better Homes & Gardens driving news-talk formats I believe I know a professional when I hear one. Yes, you!”

Stephen “Steve” Q Shannon

Nationally Recognized Concierge Career Trainer

“I think Emerald is one of the most insightful, intuitive, genuine people that I have ever met.  What I would say to you – and I do not endorse people lightly – is that to just have a couple of months in her presence will change your business and your life.  My partner Melonie & I often joke “How did such a woo woo person get so grounded?”  What you are looking for in a coach is someone like her – who has both roots and wings.”

Suzanne Evans

NY Times Best Selling Author, Inc 500 Award Winning Multi-million dollar business coach

“Thank you! It was a great call and I loved the energy. Today was awesome…sales will keep coming in and it was a blast to ‘stretch’ the envelope with you! Keep up your amazing work and yes we will even more fun on the Messenger Event!"

Darius M. Barazandeh

Producer You Wealth Revolution Telesummit

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