Creative Age Leaders, let's be clear!

The Calling That You Have Is REAL

The Purpose You Are Here To Serve Is Needed

The WORLD Wants To Hear From YOU!


You are courageous.  You are committed.  You are called...To be a vanguard, a leader in this creative age. You know you have so much to offer to this world. You know that all that you have done isn’t all that you are destined to do. You want growth in your impact, your network, your profitability and yourself.  You know that NOW is the time to make your mark.

You aren’t looking for a cheerleader. You are looking for a collaborator - someone who can see your vision and raise your sights even higher.  You are looking to make your contribution and engage in the kind of challenges that create connections, capital and above all else Conscious CHANGE.

You want to stop wasting your time, talents and brilliance and start bringing your most inspired vision fully alive. You are looking for a space to be expanded & evolve in collaboration with like-minded, equally yoked Creative Age Leaders™ – just like yourself.

Prepare to Be Heard By Millions and Profit Handsomely from following your Purposeful Path!

The time is NOW & that Calling is unmistakeable.  Will you ANSWER IT?  We can HELP!




"Emerald’s strategic insight and guidance has been an absolute blessing.


Her ability to cut straight to the truth and get to the core of whatever challenge I face has been extremely valuable, allowing me to continually progress and move forward in my business.


She’s wonderful at helping to keep the big lofty vision and holding you to that standard while also being great at getting down to brass tacks, and accountability.


If you have a vision you want to take to the world and need assistance in bringing it to fruition, I highly recommend Emerald's work!"


~ Daniel Francis, Founder, The Elite Man Academy.

Before working with Emerald, I already had a multiple 6-figure business and I was excited to take it to the next level. At the same time, I also felt drained and was concerned the energy output required to ascend would burn me out completely.


Thankfully, Emerald took a huge stand for me and my self-care, giving me guided principles that were customized to me, and as I was on the brink of launching my new speaker summit Bold New World, I listened to Emerald and increased my self-care dramatically.


The result was nearly 50 attendees in the room and a 45% conversion with a multi-thousand dollar offer from stage. It was my single biggest success from a live event, and Emerald was a key part of it!"

~Jon Block, Founder & Master Trainer of Speaker Venture




I SEE you Creative Age Leader - I know your heart & your passion.  I see your desire to be of service to the creation of a new world where you can be fully expressed AND profitable.  I see your commitment to taking the actions that make the difference between dreaming and actualizing.  I see your challenges too.  The greatest gift I have to offer is the gift of CLARITY.  Clarity IS Divinity. With clarity you will be able to move ahead with ease.  With clarity you will be able to execute your vision and crystallize your ideas with efficiency.  With clarity you can get out of the clouds of confusion (and fear, uncertainty & doubt) and be making the impact you came to make and making the profits that will allow for you to expand.  

I invite you to consider what lack of clarity is costing you.  Then I invite you to a conversation where the outcome is CLARITY.  


Emerald GreenForest is one of America’s Premier Experts on creating conscious change.  She is a connector and catalyst for the Creative Age Leader™. She established an international reputation as an author of 7 books & contributing author to another 15.  As an online and offline speaker she presented over 600 times in 10 years and shared both Live & “virtual” stages with luminaries like John Assaraf a star in the blockbuster movie “The Secret” and NY Times Best Selling Authors like Sark and Marianne Williamson.


GreenForest is the creator of multi sensory, interactive live & virtual experiences that catapult the Creative Age Leader™ into their grandest adventure by expanding their consciousness, elevating their perspective & activating them to align and take action so they can leverage their connections, creativity, and capital in a revolutionary manner.


She is also the executive producer & hostess of the Apple Top 100 Ranked Men On Purpose Podcast & facilitator of exclusive, invitation only, total immersion Leading Like A Legend retreats designed to forge collaborative bonds and coalesce capital and creativity to launch or further your legendary vision and bring it fully to life.  Emerald is the perfect mentor to hire for the leader who has made the money and now wants to make their most meaningful mark.





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